Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Not Again

This has become Westly’s go-to automatic response for any question I ask him.
 “Do you want down?”
“No!” pause “Yeah.”
“Do you want more?”
“Do you want a cookie?”
“No!” pause “Yeah.”

Honestly, it’s kind of exhausting to constantly hear that kind of negativity from my two-year old! Rejection is never easy to take, no matter who it comes from.  I can swallow rejection from Westly most of the time because I know he doesn’t always mean it and he’s just going through a phase that will soon end.
But it’s a lot harder to swallow rejection from professionals who do mean it and with a single “No!” manage to stab your creative heart. I haven’t sent any work out to publishers in a while, and haven’t received any rejection letters. But my next writing pursuit is to seek out an agent. While I hope with my fingers crossed that an agent will pick me up someday, I have to brace myself for the rejection letters that will follow.

I guess being a mom is preparing me for other things. 

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