Monday, June 30, 2014

Reliving a Nightmare

When Westly was 6 months old, he had intussusception: a condition most common in kids 3months--2 years old, where the intestines telescope and get stuck. An enema is used to straighten out the intestines. In rare cases the enema doesn't work and the problem has to correct via surgery. Luckily the enema worked with West. That was one of the scariest days of our lives.

Intussusception is supposedly a fluke thing that rarely happens more than once. But earlier this month, it happened again to Westly. Again the enema worked. This time we're going to do a scan and some tests to see if there is another reason this happened again, or if indeed it's just a fluke thing.

There is nothing worse than seeing your child in pain, having to watch him endure horrible procedures, and being helpless to stop it. The best you can do is be strong and comforting, and shower him with love. 
West did enjoy his stay in the hospital because he got to eat Popsicles, play on the iPad, and enjoy the play room. We've talked with him about what happened and everything he had to go through, and have covered him with prayer.
Most of all we pray this is the end of this nightmare. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

...And Puppy Dog Tails

I love surprises, and this was one big surprise! Michael and I went out for a special breakfast date and opened the envelope with our baby's gender. I felt like I was carrying a girl, but we both really wanted another boy. When we opened the envelope and saw BOY!!! inside, we both gasped with surprise and excitement. I even cried. 

Westly is very excited to have a brother, and we're excited to have another cuddly Doodle-Boy!

Friday, June 13, 2014

My Favorite Things Right Now

Every few months I like to pull an Oprah and list my current fave things:

Michael Shaw
Maxi skirts
SCBWI website
My backyard
Maternity exercise DVD
Hazelnut frapps
Westly saying "Today I'm Mommy's boy"
Baby's thumps
Daylight Savings
Westly saying "I'm Daddy's boy"
Princess Kate
No dinner plans
Hamburger at Far Western Tavern
Forever 21 gift card
Katy Perry's "Roar"
Armchair (a Thrift store treasure)
Front living room in the afternoon
God's grace
Coupon matching
Maybeline Gold Confetti nail polish
Weather app
My magic carpet story
This time of year

Monday, June 9, 2014

Ahhh, Summer

It's summer vacation! Even though I am not teaching full-time anymore, I still appreciate summer vacation, mainly because Michael gets to be home. When Michael's on vacation, I get a little vacation too. I can sleep in, I can go run errands or go write during nap time, I have an extra pair of hands to help around the house, I have my best friend around all the time, our fellow teacher friends are also available to hang out, we do fun outings, and we have our big family trip to Tahoe.

This summer especially I will relish vacation because I'm pregnant and how I feel changes from day to day. It will also be the last vacation with just the three of us, for our fourth little Shaw will be joining us in November (just in time for the holiday vacation).

Here's to Summer!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Up for Sale

My registration fees for the SCBWI summer conference are paid for. Now I just need to come up with some extra cash to pay for the hotel. Luckily I found a fellow conference attendee to share a room with and split the cost. Last year I sold my wedding dress to pay for the hotel. So this year I wandered around my house and garage looking for extra things I can sell to pay my way. Here are a few things up:

Pub Table: cherry/espresso stain, good condition, seats 2-6, has leaf. $85 OBO
Antique Radio/Turntable cabinet: cherry wood, Magnavox brand, from the 1950s, has storage. $100 OBO
Children's Art Lessons: 5 summer lessons, 3rd-6th grade, private one-on-one, watercolors, oils pastels, drawing, etc. $100

For pictures of furniture, go to Craigslist