Friday, June 29, 2012

The Grocery Store Drama

Usually when I go grocery shopping, I spend more time being creative with my shopping list than actually getting those items. For example, I might write two specific names for each general item. Like lettuce would be iceberg and romaine. This is always a great exercise for writing.

Or I might give my items humanitarian names and histories. Jelly might become Jezel, an over-the-hill woman who has grown too flabby to be the beautiful show girl she once was twenty years ago.  The only thing that gives her even the smallest self-esteem boost is her sticky relationship with peanut butter, who she calls Petey Butler. I go on and on until I’ve created a soap opera about my dietary supplements and realize that I’m blocking the snack aisle, and have been for a good fifteen minutes.

This is a prime example of letting your imagination run away with you. And an example of how my poor child has to compete with my muse for attention.

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