Monday, June 25, 2012

Thank You for Your Story, But...

I got a rejection letter today! Whoo-hoo! It’s going into my file of all the other rejection letters I’ve gotten. I’m not disheartened. It will be just that much sweeter when I do get published and Kathy Lee and Hoda ask me, “How long did it take you to get published?” And I can reply with a solemn nod, “I got over 50 rejections before my publisher picked me up.” And they can look at the camera and say, “See? Never give up on your dream!” And some home-maker watching in her living room will feel a surge of hope warm her insides.

Of all the rejections I’ve gotten, this one was the most insulting, mainly because it started with a cold Dear Author and was a very poor faded copy of their standard rejection letter.

But I suppose even if they rejected me on monogramed stationery that smelled of roses and added a personal touch by addressing me by my family nick-name—

--it would still be a rejection, which is never pleasant.

What do I do in times like these?

I snuggle my little Westly who never rejects me and loves me unconditionally…at least right now while I still have the goods (breast milk!)

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