Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Writers Caravan

My husband Michael and I started a writer’s group this past January as part of a New Year’s resolution to write more and hang out with like-minded people. We meet once a month, and so far we’ve had little assignments and critiques of each other’s work. It’s been great!

Although I have to say I have turned out to be the worst member in terms of completing assignments (which I assign myself), and giving quality feedback on members’ work! When I realized this and admitted it aloud to Michael, he was quick to agree and we both laughed over it.

I could easily make Westly an excuse: as a full-time mom,  I barely have time to get to my own writing let alone someone else’s. Between cleaning house, grocery shopping, laundry, and taking care of West, completing an assignment is at the bottom of my list.

I have reverted to a procrastinating college student, cramming in reading an hour before our meeting, scribbling half-hearted comments on my fellow writer’s submissions as I scarf down the dinner I hurriedly threw together 30 minutes before writers are on my doorstep.

The weirdest part: this is not typically me! Even when I was a college student, I was never one of the procrastinating-pull-an-all-nighter types. I always turned in work on time, was always prepared for a test, and was very organized about my homework and deadlines. So I don’t know where this last-minute behavior towards our writer’s group is coming from.

My only conclusion: as a mom there are so many things I HAVE to do. I HAVE to feed my child, I HAVE to change his diapers, I HAVE to get up in the middle of the night when he calls for me, I HAVE to give him the attention he demands. Now of course I enjoy doing these things because I want to give him the best care he deserves and I want to be the best mom I can be. But the bottom-line is these are things I HAVE to do. So when it comes to free-time and making choices about things I don’t really HAVE to do, it’s a relief not to HAVE to do them!

This is the main reason I’ve let exercising fall by the way side.

And apparently it’s the reason I’m acting like a C student in my writer’s group.

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