Monday, July 8, 2013

This or That?

I’m torn right now. I have two stories I am considering writing. I haven’t had this dilemma for…gosh, ever. Five years ago I embarked on writing a new story, Sherlock Academy. But I wasn’t torn between that and another story. I just had that story in my head and wrote it.
I’m finished with Sherlock Academy now. For the past few months I thought I would write the story of Toby Turnkettle. But recently I’ve been brewing a second story. The funny thing is this second story was spawned from a title that originally spawned Sherlock Academy!
The League of Sleuths
I’ve had this title knocking around my head for over five years. From it I created Sherlock Academy, but obviously never used it. But now I may use it for another mystery story I’m cooking up.

Dilemma: go with Toby Turnkettle or League of Sleuths….or both?

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