Monday, August 19, 2013


So in order to make the changes I want to in my life in response to the writers conference I attended, I have a TO DO list.
1.      Start following other authors’ blogs (suggestions?)
2.      Read more! (suggestions?)
3.      Register for Writers Day in Oct. and submit 10 pages to be critiqued by an editor
4.      Write those 10 pages to be critiqued by an editor
5.      Keep in touch with fellow writers I met at the conference

I also want to make some changes in my parenting this fall. Westly is pre-preschool, but he loves to learn and is super smart (my unbiased opinion, of course!) Michael and I are also considering homeschooling in the future, which means I better start practicing now.
1.      Make time for at least one art project a week with Westly
2.      Practice numbers, counting, and the alphabet
3.      Let Westly help in the kitchen more
4.      Make our house more creatively stimulating (for one, create more play area, etc.)

5.      Read more about parenting toddlers

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