Monday, August 5, 2013

Highlights from the SCBWI Conference

I'm back. The conference was educational, inspirational, and I will never be the same for it. I have much to share, but until I can finish processing it all, some photo highlights will have to do!

 My new friend Roni who I carpooled with and was my conference buddy

 This is just half of the Ballroom where we gathered for key note speakers of celebrity status in the world of children's literature

 A few snaps of the lux Hyatt Regency where we roomed and learned

 Author Jay Asher (best known for the YA "13 Reasons Why") who actually lives in San Luis! He is quite a celeb in YA fiction and the nicest guy ever

Another big celeb Arthur Levine. Founder of a big publishing house and one of the editors responsible for bringing Harry Potter to the shelves! He read us poetry and made us weep.


  1. Farah, loved seeing your photos, and even more, seeing you in person over the weekend. I salute both you and Michael for making this trip possible. Yes, BE changed forever. (And, sigh, yes, isn't Arthur divine???)

    With admiration and hugs,
    Mary Hershey

  2. Love my conference buddy!!!