Friday, September 20, 2013

Mrs. Sunshine

Hooray for the weekend! I’m so excited for tomorrow. My dear friend Erin and I are having a fun day in SLO to celebrate. June 6 was her birthday. But we didn’t get to celebrate because on that day she was diagnosed with breast cancer. This past summer she has been doing chemo treatments and fighting the cancer. Well, last week she finished her last chemo treatment and she is doing awesome! She hasn’t lost her hair, she has had no other negative side-effects from the chemo, and she is practically cancer-free!

So we’re celebrating her victory over cancer, and we’re having a birthday-redo because we never got to celebrate it. God has done a powerful miracle in her through this experience. She is such an inspiration to me. And she is the cutest, kindest, cheeriest, and most generous person ever.

When she told me she had cancer, I told her, “Erin, you’re pure sunshine—there’s no way the cancer will survive in you. You’ll burn it all out!”

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