Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Snail Mail

I’m going to this big writers’ day in October. I paid a little extra to have the first 10 pages of my manuscript critiqued by an editor. The thing is I had to send off the pages this week. I sent off chapter one of my new story I’m working on. The chapter is pretty solid, but I had to also include a synopsis of the book.

 Here’s the other thing: I haven’t completed the book! I only have five chapters as of now. In two months when I go to the writers’ day, I will be a lot farther along. I may even have a working draft finished. But for now I had to write a synopsis of the book…as far as I can tell from now.
It was a good exercise for me right now though. What started as synopsis-writing led to an evening of brainstorming with Michael. Right now it’s really fun to be in the beginning stages of a story…

…but hopefully by October I’ll have a solid story to pitch!

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