Friday, January 24, 2014

Rah! Rah! Rah!

Once I've completed a working draft of a book and have read through it several times, tweaking things here and there, I reach a point when I need outside input. I get stuck in my own head, and need some fresh eyes. My dear husband is such a good sport, and he allows me to read my book to him. We lay in bed after West is down for the night, me with my laptop and he with a notepad. I read and he listens and jots down comments/questions/suggestions.

It took me some time when we were first married to feel courageous enough to share my work with him (or anyone). But once I did, my life changed. If it wasn't for Michael, I never would have published Sherlock Academy, or attended any writer workshops or conferences, or dared to believe my writing was worth something.

I've learned how vital it is to have a cheer-leader for your creativity, your passions, and your life. I urge you to find one if you haven't.

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