Monday, February 17, 2014

One and Counting...

Lately I've been watching 19 and Counting: the Dugger family. It's insane. They've got 18 kids and the mom is still fertile and not thinking about birth control whatsoever. They're super conservative, and there is plenty to nit-pick about them--even for me, who is pretty conservative! But after a few episodes, you can clearly see that there is something special there. The parents are super patient and upright, the kids are well-behaved but full of personality, they're organized, thrifty, and generous. If anyone's gonna have an army of kids, it should be people like them.

Michael and I always get the question "So how many kids do you wanna have?"

We've never had a definite number in mind. It's funny to me when people do: "Two." Or even "Five". Where does that number come from? Based on our ages, our income, etc. we've had the number 3 in mind, but we're not committed to it.

During the year of trying to conceived Westly, I prayed, "Lord, I will be happy with any number of kids You give me in whatever time frame." When I prayed this, I was thinking about more than less. But now that we're having trouble conceiving again, I remembered my prayer and thought of it differently: I should be happy with any  number of kids, even if that number is ONE. I'm sure we're meant to have more, but if West was our only one, I need to stick to my prayer.

Though I doubt I'll have 17 kids!

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