Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I Still Have a Vote

As a mom, it’s hard to find time to keep up on current events, mainly politics. I’m lucky to get a report on tomorrow’s weather before Westly turns the TV off or accidentally changes the channel. It’s easy to dismiss politics in the name of motherhood. I mean, on a daily basis I’m bombarded with decisions to make: cereal or waffle for Westly’s breakfast, run errands before or after his nap, let him sleep in and enjoy some extra snooze time or wake him and enjoy an earlier bedtime later that day, flick his hand for throwing food on the floor or just act like I didn’t see him do it. Lots of decisions.

Which leaves me hardly any energy to make bigger decisions like Romney or Obama, Lois Capps or Abel Maldanado, YES or NO on that Prop.

However, this year I was determined to stay informed and educated on politics and cast my vote in the election. (after all, these big elections come only as often as Leap Year!) I was not going to become a housewife/mother who would tell her children later, “I didn’t keep up on politics—I was too busy raising kids!”

I kept Westly in his highchair during the Presidential debates on TV. I kick-started some political conversations with friends during play dates. I listened to some AM radio while driving to the gym. And yesterday, I went to the polls.

While balancing Westly on my hip, I quickly filled in my ballot as fast as I could before he got antsy. I proudly wore my ‘I Voted’ sticker and protected it from Westly’s reach.

And I realized one thing has not changed despite becoming a mom: I still felt that warmth of patriotism I have felt every time I casted my vote in the past since I was 18.

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