Friday, March 1, 2013

Going Solo

Michael is gone this weekend at a Children’s Literature conference down in Redlands, my home town. West and I have stayed home. I think this may be the first time ever Michael is going away and I’m staying in town. He never has anywhere or any reason to leave town. Usually it’s the other way around: West and I are always taking trips to visit my family. But now Michael’s the one gone and we’re at home.

And I’m not sure what to do with myself! I’ve got dinner plans for us, and I’ll try to stay busy. I’m thinking this might be a good opportunity to catch up on some chick-flicks.

Of course I should do some writing, which I might. But honestly, I’ll probably be too tired being a single mom for the weekend. It’s amazing how much more tiring mealtime, bath-time, clean-up time, playtime, bedtime, and all the in between-times are as a single parent. I can get through a day by myself, but only because I know Michael will be coming home to help and offer some adult company. Props to any single parents out there!

I may be an author and a mom, but I’m not a single-mom author. I’m no JK Rowling!

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