Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday to You

Proof of Love

Where is He Who walked
these roads among us?
“He walks now to the judgment seat.”
Where is He Who knelt in the garden to pray?
“He kneels now at the flogger to bleed.”

Where is He Who wept
for Lazarus His friend?
“He weeps now for each stripe of your sin.”
Where is He Who claimed to be a king?
“He claims now a thorny ring.”

Where is He Who embraced
a crowd of sinners?
“He embraces now a cross of splinters.”
Where is He Who led His disciples His way?
“He leads now the masses to Calvary.”

Where is He Who stretched
His arms to calm the sea?
“He stretches now His arms for you and me.”
Where is He who claimed to be God?
“He forgives now as He hangs above.”

Will He do the things He taught us to do?
Will He prove He is Who He says He is?
When will—
“He just did. It is finished.”

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