Friday, March 15, 2013

Pasting Life Together

Copy and paste.

Cut and paste.

Best two features on Word ever!

I have been using these two tasks quite a lot lately. That’s because my book is undergoing major revisions. I wrote a whole new chapter with a new plot line. But once I read it aloud to Michael, we both agreed it didn’t work.

So I cut and pasted the chapter and saved it in my ‘Planning’ folder.

This meant I had to cut and paste back the original chapter I had moved out to make room for the new chapter.


Another task I’ve been employing. I had to delete a lot of superfluous dialogue that was weighing down a scene. One tap of a button and it vanished.

Too bad I can’t use these tasks for my life. Oo, I wish I had not used that tone with Westly when he was whining. DELETE.

I’m ready for a nap because West didn’t sleep well and it’s only eleven in the morning. CUT and PASTE and it’s two in the afternoon! Nap time!

If only.

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