Friday, April 5, 2013

It's That Time of Year Again

Tomorrow my dear little boy Westly turns two. This last year has been very fun, and finally more restful! This last year he finally started sleeping through the night, and taking nice long naps each day. He has learned to walk, talk, climb, color, paint, use scissors, feed himself, get in his car seat by himself, play a harmonica, give hugs and kisses, kick and throw a ball, maneuver my iPod, have opinions, make choices, and further melt my heart.
I can’t remember life before him, and I can’t imagine each day without him there following me around, calling “Mama!”, and delighting me with his budding personality. Being a mom has become such a natural part of my identity that I sometimes take it for granted. I have tried to be more mindful of this blessing in my life. When I hold him close and squeeze him tight, I send a ‘thank you’ up to God for him. When I securely hold his small hand in mine, I whisper a prayer of protection over his life. When I watch him rejoice and laugh along with him, I daydream about who he will become and the great things he will do with his time here on earth.
Happy Birthday, my little Doodle, so dear to my heart. 

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