Monday, April 29, 2013

Fave Things

Time for a list of my fave things right now!

Food: Red Lobster’s Cheddar Bay Biscuits! Did you know you can pick them up and take them home?! You can get 6 for $1.99 or 12 for $2.99! Secret of the month1

Music: the band One Republic, specifically their song ‘Good Life’

Books: Sherlock Academy: The Baker Street Underground. Last book to date, and I’m reading through it to prep for Book 5. I have to say it’s my favorite of my whole series.

TV: We’re watching Project Runway reruns on Hulu. Watching Season 9 and I forgot how fun it is!

Movies: I’m obsessed with Wes Anderson right now. Loved his most recent Moonrise Kingdom and I hear he’s filming a new movie as we speak!

Color: sea foam green. It’s catching my eye everywhere!

Game: Star Wars Angry Birds. It’s too funny. As a Star Wars fan, I totally appreciate it.

Moment: rocking my little two-year before bed and agreeing to his request to “Seeeiinnngg, Mama!” I sing.

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