Friday, May 24, 2013

Number One Fan

It’s always nice to have fans of your work. I love when kids tell me Sherlock Academy is their favorite books series. Or when a mother tells me how Sherlock Academy sparked an interest for reading in her reluctant son. Or when a teenager tells me my writing inspired them to write their own story. It’s humbling, inspiring, and challenging to me.

But I think my biggest fan (outside of my doting husband, of course) is my sister Noelle. She has been a fan of my writing since we were little and I would read my stories aloud to her. Back then, they were silly, imaginative stories that involved adventures through time, talking dachshund detectives, submarine warfare epics, and badly constructed murder mysteries—all of which shall forever remain buried in the bottom of my hope chest. They remind me of my roots as an author, but they will never see the light of day while I’m alive to be embarrassed by them!

Noelle loved hearing my stories, and always gave me that boost of confidence as a budding author. She continues to be my number one fan with Sherlock Academy. I couldn’t ask for a better sister, or fan!

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