Monday, May 20, 2013


Life if full of surprises. I’ve had a couple recently.

First: I tried on some pre-pre-pre-pregnancy dresses, ready to stuff them into a bag for the thrift store, thinking there was no way I would ever fit into them again. Low and behold, they fit!

Second: I gave my book to my father-in-law to read and edit. I didn’t hear back from him for almost a week. I thought for sure he didn’t like it and it wasn’t as good as my previous four books. My spirit soared with relief and joy when he told me it was my best book yet!

Third: I was perusing the clearance rack at Target today and found some great comfy Ts for $5. Score!

Fourth: Westly’s memory is so sharp. The other day I told Westly the names of a few instruments: violin, bell, and drum. Then we didn’t talk about them. The next day he pointed to each instrument and said their names. Proud Mama here!

Fifth: Have you looked at the calendar lately? May is almost over! Crazy! 

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