Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What To Do?

Here’s my current To Do List:
1.       Scan in all my chapter art for my book, which takes a while cuz I do it on our ancient Mac
2.       Clip Westly’s fingernails, one finger a day because he hates it so much
3.       Rewrite second-to-the-last chapter, adding a new scene in the climax and hope to God it’s good
4.       Mail pictures of Westly to grandparents
5.       Announce release date for Sherlock Academy Book 5 on my website—stay tuned!
6.       Go to chiropractor and make small talk while hearing my vertebrae crack
7.       Try once again to finish a movie—any movie, without falling asleep!
8.       Download the new Michael Buble CD before I mail it to my mom for late Mother’s Day
9.       Work off those extra calories from Starbucks Frappy Hour last week
10.   Start the countdown until my sister comes to visit from Belize!

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