Friday, September 21, 2012

A New Verdict

I got some very encouraging news the other day in regards to my high cholesterol. My mum-in-law (she’s British, you know) called me and said she had read an article online about cholesterol levels in nursing moms. An average level for a pregnant or nursing mom is 200-350!

I’m 320, and yes, I’m still breastfeeding Westly a little.

This made my day! My doctor probably didn’t think to ask me if I’m still breastfeeding. While I know high cholesterol runs in my family and I still may be in danger of it being high in me, I felt better knowing that my extremely high level is probably related to my nursing.

Whew! I’m not as bummed about this whole thing anymore. I’m still going to eat oatmeal for breakfast (I got some yummy brown sugar oatmeal at Trader Joes), and limit my dairy intake. I don’t have to drink that glass of milk at night, or snack on cheese a few times a day, or order my Starbucks with whole milk. But I’m not going to stress about my diet as much.

It’s nice to have one limitation somewhat lifted from my life!

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