Monday, September 10, 2012

British At Heart

Westly is starting to say little words, or at least mimic the sounds of the words. My favorite thing he says is “Mama”. The way he says it just melts my heart every time! He says it in a slightly deeper tone. But when he says “Daddy”, he says it in a slightly higher tone. We found this quite amusing. Then we remembered something we observed in London years ago. British women tend to have deeper voices, while British men tend to have higher voices. We decided that Westly is British at heart since he says “Mama” low and “Daddy” high!

It got us excited to hopefully take him to England someday. Though our financial prospects are not looking favorable toward that! Maybe if I can land a great book deal someday and earn a little money off it, we can celebrate with a trip to ‘other homeland’.

And Westly will find he fits in perfectly!

1 comment:

  1. A great observation. Westly is decidedly British... Croatian... American...
    and himself, You've got it all, Westly! RCS