Friday, September 7, 2012

Light at the End of the Tunnel

I sometimes get so tunnel-visioned about my writing. For instance, right now all I can think about is Sherlock Academy: finishing Book 4 and starting Book 5 to wrap up the series. I forget that I can also work on other little writing projects on the side in my extra time.

Wait a minute, extra time?! HA! Now that’s a funny thought.

But really, I have a ton of little kid stories that would fit well on a children’s magazine page. It doesn’t hurt to submit them and see what happens. What have  I got to lose? A little bit of my extra time? Pshaw!

Next month it’s my turn to submit something to our writer’s group for critique. I think I’m going to submit one or two of my little magazine articles/stories for critique and then submit them and see what happens.

It’s good for me to set smaller writing goals to keep myself from getting too tunnel-visioned about my writing. Still Sherlock Academy and its secret tunnels will be my chief focus for a while…

…Westly permitting, of course—he does take a lot of my focus!

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