Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mary Had It Right

The other day while driving around doing errands, I was listening to the Mix radio station in the car—they play continuous Christmas music till December 26. That song ‘Mary Did You Know?’ came on. I have to be honest, it’s not my favorite Christmas song, mainly because I feel like female vocalists use it as an excuse to sing like a diva. Anyways, it has some powerful lyrics. And it got me thinking.

It seems these days parenting and the politics that go along with parenting have become so complicated. There are so many theories, approaches, and decisions to make. Everything from whether to vaccinate or not, to the debate over spanking. Then there’s the added confusion of which products to use: which car seat is safest, which pacifier is better for your baby’s mouth, disposable or cloth diapers?

It’s complicated.

When I feel overwhelmed by so many opinions and so much materialism in regards to raising a kid, I think of Mary.

Yes, Mary the mother of our Savior Jesus Christ. She married a poor carpenter, lived in a small town, was a young mom, and didn’t even have a crib for her baby when He was born. Yet she successfully raised her baby to be healthy and happy.

She did a pretty good job raising the Son of God, no less! And she didn’t have a Babies R Us or a go-to parenting blog.

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