Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Two Chances

Sometimes it’s hard coming to grips with the cruelty of this world.

I don’t even need to mention the latest incident of human devastation, as I’m sure you know exactly which recent tragedy is weighing on my heart as I write this. I can’t think too much about it without feeling a part of my heart crack, and the recess behind my eyes well up. This act of mass violence has sparked fresh debates over school safety and gun control.

But I’m not here to debate those things.

I’ve realized that while laws and procedures may help to prevent future tragedies, there is only one thing that can ultimately end sin: Jesus Christ.

God has given me two tools to use in spreading His love, grace, and truth. First, my writing. He has given me the gift of writing, and I can use that by writing characters who stand up for truth and make sacrifices for others. I can write stories that feature good overcoming evil. If there is any truth in the old saying ‘You Are What You Read’, then hopefully I can influence a young readership to make moral decisions and become heroes by loving others.

Second, I have my son. God has entrusted me with Westly, to raise him to fear the Lord, walk uprightly, live justly, and love truth. Hopefully I can instill in Westly a love for God and others, and a passion to live by God’s Word, so he in turn can make a difference in this world.

Looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me. Don’t we all?

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