Friday, December 7, 2012

To Quote FC Shaw...

Last week my interview with the local Santa Maria Sun newspaper came out! A week before my book release, I did a phone interview with them. It was a good 45 minute interview with some great questions. Then the reporter came to the book event and took some pictures. The article turned out great, a nice page spread! There’s a picture of me signing a book, and a shot of my books for sale. It’s always surreal to not only see your picture in the paper, but to read the things you said, and the reporter’s summary of you and your craft. (I had a similar article in the Sun a few years ago, and an article in another local paper last year).

I haven’t done a ton of interviews, but I have done enough to know what reporters find interesting, and what they tend to quote in their articles. I usually get a lot of the same questions both from reporters and from kids at author visits, so I’ve had practice with my answers. And let me just say, I have a lot more respect for celebrities who get interviewed all the time. It really takes practice to answer concisely, to be specific, interesting, and original.

It’s a lot like writing a story. Every word counts.

And sometimes you don’t realize how stupid you are till you see your words in print.

Thank goodness I have a chance to revise/edit my writing before everyone reads it. Sometimes I wish I could do the same with an interview. For now, I’ll keep practicing. Overall, I was happy with this interview.

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