Friday, February 22, 2013

A New Touch

A few weeks ago I got a new iPod Touch. It’s red, it’s fast, and it’s blowing my mind! I am constantly amazed at what it can do. And how it’s changing my life. For one, it’s become a time-suck! I go on to check my facebook, then scroll through Pinterest, oh and play a word on Words with Friends, and I have to log in my calories for lunch on my fitness app, and—before I know it, there goes an hour!

It’s also replacing pen and paper. I realized I don’t need my little notepad and pen I keep in my purse because I can jot down notes on the note pad on the iPod. Today I tried using the grocery list on the iPod instead of a handwritten list. It was much easier.

I also have little Fisher Price apps for West, which has already come in handy when we were at Trader Joe’s and he was antsy.

And let’s just say that the Pandora app has enhanced my writing. I’ve been playing a classical music ‘station’ while editing my book, and it’s great!

I hate to say it, but I have to: what would my life be without this little hand-held device?!

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  1. oh i know the weees and wooooes and the ipod/iphone world. enjoy!