Monday, February 11, 2013

My Bliss

Sometimes it’s the little things, the simple things, that can brighten a day. Here are a few little things that made me smile this last week:

Trader Joes Cheddar Snack: they finally came out with a healthier version of the Gold Fish cracker and Cheez-It. I’ve been waiting for them to have an equivalent snack without all the preservatives, etc.

Valentine decorations: West and I put up a few little hearts and bought some conversational hearts

Email from an Editor: I submitted a short story for a kid’s magazine a few months ago, and one of the editors emailed me asking if she could keep my work a bit longer because she thinks she might be able to use it. I said in not so many words, “Duh, yes!”

Get Smart Season 4: I got the next season on DVD and watch it during nap time while I get things done. It tickles my funny bone!

New Chicken Pot Pie recipe: I found and cooked Martha Stewart’s recipe and it was so yummy. A keeper!

Children’s Discovery Museum: I love this little gem in our town. West loves it even more, and I’m thinking for his birthday we’ll get a pass.

Writer’s Workshop: I attended one this Saturday. And as always, I came away inspired, convicted, and enlightened.

Monday Holidays: Michael has today and next Monday off. Three-day weekends are the best for everyone!

What’s your bliss?

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