Friday, February 15, 2013

Writing The End

I had a very productive week. Most productive moment: I finally finished a first draft of Book 5! Quite a sigh of relief followed my typing THE END. But this is far from the end. The work has really just begun. This draft is far from perfect or ready. But I am so glad to have a complete draft to work with. And as of now, I’m pretty pleased with it.

A lot of people tell me it’s great that I have a fun hobby in writing my children’s books. Yes, it is a really fun hobby for me. But it’s so much more than that for me. Writing is yet another opportunity in my life to walk by faith. It is as much of a spiritual journey for me as being a mother is.

The other night I was still struggling to find a way to tie up the end of my book. I prayed, mulled it over, and went to bed. And just as I was falling asleep, the Lord shot the idea into my head. And I suddenly went, “Ah-ha! That’s it! Thank you, God.” I fell asleep.

And as always, God was right. It was the perfect plot line. 

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