Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cupid's Day

So Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. Early in our marriage, Michael and I decided I would be in charge of Valentine’s and he would be in charge of our anniversary. It’s worked out pretty well going on 6 years now.

One year I booked us an overnight stay in Morro Bay. Another year (we were on a tighter budget) I replicated a hotel-stay at home. Last year I made a chocolate cake from scratch and we had my dear sister-in-law Susie over for dinner and dessert.

No matter the plan, we’ve had a few traditions in play every year: we always get a heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphies sometime that week, if not on the day. We always exchange cards and a little goody. We usually watch Sleepless in Seattle, and more recently the movie Valentine’s Day.

Now we have our little Westly involved. This year West made a Valentine for Daddy, and got to use a glue stick for the first time. I am so blessed to have two Valentine’s in my life!

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