Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Blah Blah Blah

This week I took Westly to his monthly well-baby check-up. We’ve opted for an alternative vaccination schedule, so we go monthly for one shot instead of every 4-6 months for 5 shots (or whatever the number is). I know this is a controversial parenting topic, but I’m not here to argue either side right now.

Instead I’m going to share another concern. West is not as verbal as he should be yet. Granted he’s a boy and he’s still young, and until he’s 18 months, there’s no real worry. But I’m his mom. And I can’t help worrying. He communicates really well with sign-language and he understands EVERYTHING. Just no real words yet.

His doctor asked if I read to him, and it almost made me laugh. I’m an author. Of course I read to him. Our house is full of books. And I talk to him constantly.

But maybe I need to give him a chance to talk back and more time to develop.

Sigh….there are times when parenting is so hard, even harder than writing a story climax.


  1. It's so funny: they're a month or two apart, and we keep hitting the same worries at a month or two distance. On the verbal thing, I took Mina in at 16-months and was becoming more and more concerned; she had great comprehension but didn't say many words and didn't do even do that much varied babbling...but all of a sudden, the past two weeks have been CRAZY. She was cranky and fussy for a couple weeks and now I'm hearing two or three new words a day--- "Breakfast," "Downstairs," "Two, Two, Two" (apparently that's how we count)

  2. (continued) So just hang in there! I think they might just be storing up all their verbal knowledge to astound us with full sentences sooner :P

  3. PS I do read this blog, even if I don't comment, keep it up, it's great reading :)

  4. I read that babies who are taught sign language often start communicating verbally at a later time than babies who aren't, and that makes sense since he's just communicating in a different way! He'll probably surprise you one day with all sorts of words. :) -V