Wednesday, July 18, 2012

That Darn Boob-Tube

We’re house-sitting right now for my sister-in-law and her family. They’re on vacation in Hawaii and invited us to hang out at their house for as long as we want. It’s always fun to get away and do a little mini-vacation, especially when the stay is free. Best of all, they have Netflix Streaming, which is something we don’t have. FYI: we’ve got the most boring house for baby-sitters—no cable, no Netflix, and no internet (tight budget demands it…a perk of being a stay-at-home mom!)

Anyways, we’ve been wasting our hours away on Netflix streaming. As soon as West is down for his nap or down for the night, we’re back to our Cake Boss marathon.

As fun as it is, Michael and I have both agreed we’re glad we don’t have this luxury because we would have no self-control and would spend all our time watching Cake Boss, etc. And we would never write.

Stephen King said in order to write, you have to get rid of your distractions. So true. He goes so far as to suggest you get rid of your TV altogether…

…I’m fine having no cable and internet, but I still need Survivor and NBC comedy night!

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