Friday, July 13, 2012

Sweet Moments

As a first-time mom, I have to be honest and say there are moments when I miss being solo. Mainly when it comes to writing. Before West, I would spend all day at Starbucks writing to my heart’s content. That will never be an option again…at least not until my children are grown, which will see me in my 70s and probably burned out on writing. (hope not)

But then there are some moments that are so much better because of my little boy. I’m enjoying a family Shaw vacation in the beautiful Lake Tahoe and today we went to spend a few hours at the lake….which was so much more fun with little Westly. He sat in the water and shoveled sand into his bucket and was content and having fun for at least 2 hours. And it’s simple joys like this that make life so much sweeter.

Starbucks will keep.

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