Friday, July 20, 2012


Writing Book 4 in my Sherlock Academy series has taken longer than any other book. I'm trying to figure out why. I know I haven't been as consistant as I should be, but you'd think since West is older, I would have more time and energy. After all, I managed to finished Book 3 last year when West was just a few months old and I was averaging only 5 hours of sleep a night!
But I have to remember that I had written a bulk of Book 3 before West was born. I finished final edits, etc. afterwards.
This time, with Book 4, I started from scratch when West was here and I was in the full swing of being a mom. Maybe that's it.
Either way, I'm ready to finish it. My goal is to have a final draft by the end of August. We'll see...

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