Friday, July 27, 2012

Pals with JJ Abrams

I have a lot of writing dreams. I dream of a publisher picking up Sherlock Academy. I dream of getting paid to write. I dream of meeting some of my favorite authors.

My most outlandish dream is the following: I always thought it would be amazing to be one of JJ Abram’s writers for one of his great TV shows—my all-time favorite was ALIAS. I think it would be fantastic to be locked in a room with other brilliant writers—including JJ Abrams—where all we did all day was brainstorm and write for a show with great characters and limitless plot lines. Ultimate creativity!

Or maybe write for a sitcom. I feel I would enjoy that too because my fave thing to write is dialogue and I have a knack for bringing a joke around full-circle. That’s the gist of a sitcom, right?

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