Friday, July 6, 2012

Red Ink

I’m in deep-editing mode on the fourth book in my Sherlock Academy series. I do a lot of edits on my laptop. But then there comes a point where I have to go to the next level and print out my story and do hard-copy edits. For whatever reason, I see new things and catch more mistakes when I edit on paper.

And it’s more kid-friendly. Westly is obsessed with all things electronic, and all things Mama’s. So whenever I bust out my laptop, he’s right there wanting to tap it and grab it and get in the way…no matter how many times I tell him NO.

But when I bust out a stack of typed paper with red pen marks all over it, he doesn’t glance twice. And I’m able to catch a few misspelled words and rewrite a few sentences while he stacks his blocks on the floor.

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