Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A New Project

I’ve started a new writing project: a memoir about growing up at my grandma Mimi’s house. I don’t have the idea entirely solidified, but I’m thinking it will be a collection of poetry and essays about key moments of my growing up that involved my dear grandma and being at her house. I have so many fond memories with her. And I may also tell a bit about her life as a young woman and mother in the 50s, etc. I’ve only been jotting down ideas and notes…until today.

See, I’m one of the featured writers for our Writer’s Group this month, which means I have to submit something to the other members for review. I’m really trying hard to be a better group member and not be like a slacker college student (see previous blog). Today while Westly napped (a particularly long nap, which was nice), I managed to crank out 4 pages of a rough draft of my memoir for the Writer’s Group.

And I’m feeling good about it.

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