Friday, August 10, 2012

A Little Money Saved

I love bargains. Who doesn’t? I’m not a super organized bargain shopper though. I don’t scout Craig’s List religiously, or jet to yard sales first thing Saturday morning, or collect coupons in a booklet. But I do try to save money where I can and take advantage of sales. And I’ve been pretty lucky recently:

Michael’s Craft Store: I bought Westly a ton of beach and water toys on clearance. Two buckets, two rakes, shovels, watering can, boat, sieve, and water wheel all for $3.50!

Yard Sale: I found a little tricycle with an attached pole for me to hold. It will be perfect for walking to the park and for West to learn on our new patio. $5!

Thrift Store: my sister-in-law works at Mission Thrift in San Luis Obispo (best store ever!) and she came across a toy shopping card, which is exactly what I’ve been wanting for West!

Of course all these things are for Westly, but that’s fine with me. Seems like every time he needs new toys, etc. God blesses us with little gems.

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