Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I Left My Heart in London

The Shaw Manor is all about the Olympics right now. On opening night, we hung our giant Union Jack flag, lined our TV with our little red phone booth piggy-bank, miniature double-decker bus, and solar-powered waving Queen Elizabeth. This was all in honor of the games being in London this year. Don’t worry, we are cheering the American teams on, but we do have some sentiment for Britain.

See, Michael is part British: his mum is from Brighton, England. I was meant to be British, I’m sure. And London is our favorite city in the world. Watching the Olympics take place there has made us miss London more than we thought.

Part of our love for that great isle is the rich literary history bred there that we adore so much. You can’t deny so many great writers have come from there. Just being in London and Oxford is enriching and inspiring and makes you want to pen your own great stories.

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