Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Shaw Manor Mystery

There’s a real-life mystery going on at the Shaw Manor. We are racking up a list of missing items. A few I can think back to the last time I saw them, others I have only recently noticed missing when I went looking for them and have no idea when was the last time I saw them. Here are the facts of the case:

Missing Items

One waterproof sunhat belonging to a Mr. Westly Shaw. He was last seen wearing it at Avila Beach the first week of July.

One toy cell phone belonging to the same Mr. Westly Shaw, last seen in the living room at the beginning of July.

One Harry Potter sweatshirt belonging to a Mr. Michael Shaw. Last seen ???

One athletic jacket belonging to a Mrs. Farah Shaw. Last seen ???

One half-full bottle of Caesar salad dressing last seen in the hands of Mr. Westly Shaw.

Prime suspect: Mr. Westly Shaw

Hypothesis: Either Westly is throwing items in the trash, or is secretly hoarding them in some undisclosed location.

I plan to conduct a thorough search of the house and keep a tighter guard over the trash can.

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