Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Revisions: The Story of My Life

My life is all about revisions right now. First, we revised our backyard. We decided to invest in it for Westly’s sake. We extended our fence to add 9 extra feet of room, and laid concrete over half the yard. So now we have a nice patio to entertain and hang out, and West has a space for chalk art, trike riding, and the such. A great revision!

Second, I am doing final revisions to Book 4. My editor just finished with it, and I finished making his revisions last night. I’ve definitely grown as a writer with each book I’ve written. I’m now at a point where I can be very decisive about my editor’s comments. Most of his edits are valid, but there are a few that I choose not to follow based on knowing my own writing style, intentions, etc. It’s exciting to have this new confidence in my writing.

Third, I am having to revise bedtime routines with Westly. We were making great progress with him falling asleep by himself. Then the inevitably annoying thing happened: he caught a little cold. And because he couldn’t breathe well, I had to rock him to sleep the last two nights. I feel like I’m always taking two steps forward and two steps in my parenting. Well, as soon as his airways are open, we’re back to our new sleep routine…hopefully.

Revisions can be tough.

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