Friday, August 3, 2012

Magic Magic Everywhere

One of my favorite moments on our trip to London a few years back—pre-Westly, that is—was taking time to do a little free-writing in Regent’s Park, just up the street from Baker Street. I had just toured the Sherlock Holmes Museum and felt inspired to write. I was working on Book 2 of my Sherlock Academy series at the time. Touring London—and more specifically, the neighborhood that is the setting for my series—grounded my stories and forever left an impression in my imagination.

That’s part of the reason London feels so magical: it’s steeped in our imaginations created by other authors. You push through the crowded platforms at King’s Cross Station, expecting to see a boy with round glasses and a caged owl. You wander through the Bloomsbury neighborhood and can’t help glancing up at the rooftops just in case a flying boy and his pixie are skipping over chimneys. You stroll along the paths in Kensington Park, looking for chalk art to jump into for a jolly holiday. You maneuver the traffic on Baker Street and strain your ears to catch the great detective scratching on his violin.

The city can’t help being magical, thanks to its great authors.

I can’t wait to first introduce Westly to all these wonderful stories, and then hopefully someday take him to the land where they were born.

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