Monday, August 20, 2012

Storyline for My Life

I always want to be a better mom. One area I want to be better in is doing more activities with Westly that allow him to develop, explore, and just have fun—he’s at the age for it now.  It just takes a little proactive planning and execution. Yet despite all my good intentions, I don’t always follow through. Before I know it, a whole day or week has gone by and I have nothing great to show for it. The only notable adventure we had was to Trader Joe’s.

But I think I’ve come up with a solution to help me. I need to plan my days like I plan my stories. When I’m writing, I brainstorm, jot down ideas, and plot out a general storyline. This works for me in my writing. So why wouldn’t it work for me in my daily life?

I’m going to sit down and brainstorm places to go and things to do. I’ll jot down a list of activities right for his age and the season. And I’ll plot out a daily and weekly outline for these adventures.

Stay tuned for my results.

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