Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Maxwell Smart, Here, Agent 86

“Missed it by that much!”

“Would  you believe…”

“Just what are you getting at, Chief?”

These are some of the reoccurring lines from a great TV show from the 60s: Get Smart. I know a few years ago they made a movie based off of the show starring Steve Carrel and Anne Hathaway—it was pretty funny. But nothing tops the original TV show. I grew up watching reruns of it that my mom taped off TV. A few years ago they released Get Smart on DVD. Right now I have seasons 1-3.

During Westly’s naps I put Get Smart on in the background while I clean, or edit my writing, or work on a monthly craft project. It’s been great fun. Some people don’t care for the show, like  my husband. He really doesn’t get it. If you’d like to know whether you’d like it or not, you should know the show is written and directed by Mel Brooks.

So you can expect the shows to be quirky, ridiculous, witty, and brilliant…in a Mel Brooks way. It’s pure comedic genius. And there are some great spy ideas that I’ve often considered stealing for my mystery series.

The show is a great nostalgic escape. The characters wear classy 60s fashions. The sets are colored and lighted in a great style. Control always triumphs over Chaos. Agent 86 (Smart) and his girl partner Agent 99 have great chemistry. And there’s something comforting about hearing the routine lines spoken, the same props used, and Maxwell Smart always saving the day.

Shoes phones, the Cone of Silence, Max’s booby-trap-rigged apartment, Hymie the robot…

… I love getting lost in the world of Get Smart!

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