Monday, October 15, 2012

Scratch, Scratch

I’m getting the itch again. That itch to write. That tingle of excitement to create a new story. That yearning to get lost in my little world of Sherlock Academy and hang out with my characters. I’m getting thrilled by the idea of plotting. I’m ready for a new challenge.

The past six months I’ve been editing and revising Book 4, which is part of the writing process, but it doesn’t always entail writing necessarily. So now with Book 4 wrapped, I’m getting excited to go back to pure writing and creating and start on Book 5. I can always tell I’m antsy to write when ideas keep me awake at night!

I hate losing sleep generally, especially when it’s because my little boy keeps me awake at night. But every so often, I don’t mind wandering into fantasy and being kept awake by conversations between my characters, or scenes of story. I can hear their voices bantering, and see scenes play out in my head. No, I’m not crazy, I’m a writer.

It’s delicious!

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