Monday, October 29, 2012

Secret of the Month

I think Starbucks needs to release a ‘Secret of the Month’. I feel I am constantly uncovering new secrets they offer, etc. Two of my besties (shout out to Morgan and Becky!) are always in the Starbucks know and are always educating me on Starbucks secrets. Here are a few they’ve shared that I’ll disclose to any other Starbuckians out there:

Venti is not the largest size! There is a trenta size (picture coffee Big Gulp) It is available upon request!

Some Bucks stores offer free coffee refills if you bring in your cup and receipt! (not on special drinks, just plain coffee, but ice coffee—my usual bev—counts!)

There are ways around the higher prices! You just have to be creative. For example, my besties love iced white mochas, but they’re $3-4 a pop. Instead they order an ice coffee ($2-3) and add cream and pumps of white mocha syrup, which basically tastes the same at half the price!

These are just a few of the Starbucks secrets I’ve learned. You’re welcome!

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