Friday, January 25, 2013

Bawling and Babbling

Last week Westly had a few memorable tantrums. One particularly bad one happened in Target. There was screaming, arching of the back, kicking legs, scratching, pulling Mama’s hair, and tears. It shocked me because Westly is usually quite mild-mannered. I wasn’t entirely sure how to handle it.

But one thing I could read in my upset little boy: frustration.

I don’t think it was all targeted at the situation, or even at me. I think Westly was verbally frustrated. And although the tantrum stressed me out, it also gave me hope that West was on the cusp of a new developmental step, more specifically talking.

I was right. Just this week since that tantrum Westly has added four new words to his growing vocabulary, and what’s more, he’s in the early stages of parroting. This is such an answer to prayer, as we have always been a little worried about his speech delay.

This situation reminded me of several things: first, all bad and even good phases don’t last long with toddlers. Second, West always has a reason for his behavior, whether it’s teething, venting, or outright will.

 And third, rainbows come only after storms.

Or in my case, tantrums.

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