Wednesday, January 30, 2013


My slump time each day is the afternoon, usually from 2-4, sometimes later. I put West down for nap, am good for a half hour or so, then I drop. I’m trying to figure out how to combat it with something other than caffeine. Maybe I should change my lunch time, or what I eat for lunch. Maybe I need to exercise during that time. I don’t know.

But it frustrates me because each morning I have intentions to write while West naps later that day, but then when the time comes, all I want to do is lay down.  And no, I’m not pregnant!

I’m probably exaggerating—it’s not every day, but most days. It feels like every day when I look back on my week and realize I wrote only one afternoon all week.

Not sure this blog has a point besides me complaining and wanting some advice!

Happy Slump-Day!

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