Wednesday, January 16, 2013

One Adventure After Another

If your life is boring, I know two things that will make it more exciting with unexpected adventures: parenting and/or writing.

The other day I was working on my book and suddenly got this fun idea. I could say it was birthed from those creative juices that were flowing because I had been writing for two hours at that point. But it’s more exciting to say the idea came out of nowhere. Didn’t see that coming!

Last night I put West to bed, and about ten minutes later I hear him crying. And not just “I miss Mama” crying, or “You turned off the hall light!” crying. But real “Mama, come rescue me, something is terribly wrong!” crying. As soon as I entered his bedroom, the pungent odor hit me. My poor boy was sitting in an excessive amount of toxic vomit! Didn’t see that coming!

Whether pleasant or gross, unexpected adventures are part of my daily life being a mom and an author. You never know when a spark of imagination will ignite a fantastic story.

Or when your kid will throw up, for that matter.

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